Foundry Tools & Equipment

For over 40 years, Tunco Manufacturing has grown to be a leader in the cutting, sanding and grinding equipment industry. Our high-quality, state of the art products allow us to partner with those in the foundry industry to provide the tools you need.

We produce one of the most durable coatings in the industry with our crushed tungsten carbide coating, approaching the performance-level of diamond-coated products at a fraction of the cost. We are a prominent player in the growth of carbide tools and products, ultimately adding to the longevity and effectiveness of what we offer. We also offer hardfacing and ceramic coatings for our products.

We are familiar and experienced in the types of foundry tools and needs you may have during the degating and finishing process of casting, whether you need a cutting tool for removing risers and feeders or you need a particular sanding tool to help you reach your desired end product during the finishing process.  

We have a wide range of cutting, shaping and sanding products to fit your needs, including but not limited to:

·         Saw Blades
·         Mounted Saws
·         Shaping Discs
·         Rotary Burrs
·         Shaping Wheels
·         Shaping Discs

You can view our online catalog as well to see our full line of products. Aside from our standard products, we also offer in-house engineering and design services to help you create a custom product, part or coating solution that may have a particular set of specifications. No matter if you have a standard request or a custom-developed product inquiry, we work with clients all over the world, from design to delivery, to get you what you need.

We continue to use state of the art technology and innovations to provide you the very best in the industry. We feel confident we have a solution for your foundry equipment needs! Contact our team today to learn more and to speak to one of our team members about how Tunco can help you.