Tungsten Carbide Coating

Tungsten Carbide CoatingsTungsten Carbide (WC) is a chemical compound made up of equal parts of both tungsten and carbon, making it a stronger material than steel and titanium. Tungsten Carbide measures 90 on the Rockwell “C” scale, which approaches the hardness and durability of natural diamonds. In its basic form tungsten carbide is a fine, gray powder that is extremely sharp.
Our expertise comes in to play when this chemical compound is transformed into a form that can then be placed on cutting, sanding and shaping tools. We do this by utilizing a brazing process with a controlled atmosphere furnace to permanently bond the compound particles (grit) to the metal tool part.

The expert team at Tunco Manufacturing uses tungsten carbide grit coating for a variety of industry applications. Grit ranges in both size and density depending on the tool part and industry in which the tools will be used.

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Coatings:

  • Improve Part Performance and Wear Resistance
  • Reduce Costs on Wearable Parts
  • Decrease Machine Downtime for Part Change-Outs
  • Allow the Freedom to Design Less Expensive and/or Lighter Weight Materials for Friction, Feed and Wearable Parts

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