Industrial Equipment Balancing

industrial equipment balancingTunco Manufacturing has years of experience in providing custom services to balance industrial equipment. Balancing is needed in order to guarantee that certain equipment is running properly, safely and most efficiently. Our in-house machines are capable of balancing rotors, fans, turbines, disc brakes, propellers, pumps and more.

The Balancing Process

Our team works to achieve a balanced part by first assessing how the part is currently operating through the vibration values. Once the imbalance is identified weights are placed on specific locations to bring the part back into balance. This process may be repeated several times before achieving a balanced part. Throughout this process our team is able to test and assess the mechanics of the specific part by using up-to-date machining technology.

Our Balancing Capabilities

Tunco Manufacturing has the capability to meet any balancing needs you have with the use of single plane balancers, dual plane balancers and our vibration correction equipment.

Single Plane Balancers—Our single plane balancers allow us to balance both small and large diameter parts with a minimal width to a tolerance of .1 inch ounces.

Dual Plane Balancers—The dual plane balancer allows our team to work with larger parts up to 40” in diameter and 4” wide. The dual planes enable us to correct both the left and right planes of the specific part. All parts balanced with this machine are balanced to a correction of.2 inch ounces.

Vibration Correction—Our team has the ability to achieve high speed balancing up to 8,000 RPM’s with our vibration correction test equipment. All corrections performed with this equipment are done to a specification of .5 inch seconds of vibration or better.

Contact us for more information about your balancing needs. Our team is ready to assist you today!