Brazing Facility

brazingTunco Manufacturing has years of experience in performing customized brazing work. Brazing is the ability to join two parts together at the joint with a dissimilar filler metal, requiring high heat to melt the filler and adhere it to the other metal pieces. 

At Tunco, we use furnaces for the brazing process to create uniform heating for a quality product every time. Our brazing process includes the following steps:
  • Design of the joint and filler metals.
  • Dissimilar filler metal is applied and the part is assembled.
  • Filler metal is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Metal parts are placed on brazing furnace.
  • Parts are pre-heated.
  • High heat brazing is applied at 2200 degree Fahrenheit and filler metal is melted.
  • Cool down process allows for the metal to bond.

Our team has years of experience in designing and overseeing the brazing process. At our facility we are capable of working with parts up to 36” long and 16” tall. We also have a continuous feed mesh belt furnace specifically for high production runs.

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We also use the brazing process to apply our custom tool coatings. Learn more about tungsten carbide coatings today!