Machining Facility

machining metalMachining is the ability to modify or re-condition the shape and finish of metal. Tunco Manufacturing is a full-line, in-house machine shop with the ability to alter metals as needed. Our team is able to achieve the desired end product with the use of the following machining techniques:

  • Turning--shaping metal with the use of a lathe.
  • Drilling--process of cutting holes in metal.
  • Milling--etching a design on one side of a metal.
  • Grinding--process used to shape or polish metal.

Tunco Manufacturing utilizes a variety of manual lathes and mills that allow our technicians to create parts with specifications from the smallest diameter up to 70” in diameter. One or two-piece custom machining is easily accomplished with our experience and the use of manual processes. For larger, more complex machining capabilities we have a full-line of CNC machining tools.

CNC Machining

CNC machining provides Tunco Manufacturing with automated design and manufacturing capabilities. The design of the part is implemented through computer-aided design (CAD). The CAD design is then automatically communicated to the manufacturing machine to create a part matching the original design.

At our facility we have a full-line of CNC lathes and machines centers, enabling our technicians to design and create parts that have complex and tight design requirements for both small and large size parts. We currently manufacture wheels up to 36” in diameter and 20” wide that hold a tolerance of .0005 of an inch with the use of our CNC machining capabilities.  

Contact us for more information about custom machining and CNC capabilities. Our team is ready to create a solution for you today!