Conveyor Rollers

tungsten carbide conveyor rollers

From mining to agriculture, many industries rely on conveyor systems to quickly and efficiently move materials for processing. Over time, belts can wear down and conveyor rollers can lose friction, rendering a conveyer system less effective because speed and stopping are more difficult to control.

Keeping the grip on your conveyor rollers in good condition is of vital importance, especially for industries that work in harsh weather conditions or humid environments where losing friction is a greater hazard.

Advantages of Crushed Tungsten Carbide

Tunco Manufacturing’s abrasive coatings are the perfect, long-term solution to ensure that your belts stay firmly in place. Whether you need Tungsten Carbide or our patented Di-Carb coating, we can apply custom abrasive coatings to your conveyor rollers based on your particular needs.
  • More durable than rubber
  • Improved friction and maintenance-free operation
  • Lengthened belt-life through even belt wear
  • Reduced belt-tracking issues
  • Reduced energy needs for your conveyor system

Coating Applications

  • Friction bands that can be mounted on rollers to prevent slippage
  • Diverter rollers for separating products or materials
  • Coated rollers for feeding products or materials

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