At Tunco Manufacturing, we specialize in high-quality cutting, shaping and sanding tools coated with Tungsten Carbide, diamond-composite Di-Carb, and Plasma for challenging applications like fiberglass. Fiberglass is an incredibly popular and durable material, used for everything from canoes to army tanks. However, it can be a challenging material to shape and cut.

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide

Traditional tools will dull quickly and buying replacement tools and blades can get expensive. As fiberglass cutting or shaping tools dull over time, it increases the chances that they will crack or fray the fiberglass. In addition, because fiberglass is a composite of resin and fibers, dull tools can cause the fiberglass to overheat and clog up your tool with resin. Our carbide coatings will keep your tools in top shape and help your bottom-line.

At Tunco Manufacturing, our customers know that they can come to us with an engineering problem and we will usually find a solution. If you have a fiberglass tool you need coated, view our coating applications below. If you need to purchase a tool for fiberglass cutting, shaping or sanding, view our product catalog and contact us today about one of Tunco Manufacturing’s coated tools. 

Coating Applications

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