From fiberglass to rigid foam insulation, shaping and cutting insulation requires durable, reliable tools that will stand the test of time. At Tunco Manufacturing, we specialize in crushed carbide surface coatings for tools that extend the life of your tools and ensure better performance. 

Advantages of Crushed Tungsten Carbide

High volume manufacturing in the production of insulation can mean a lot of wear and tear on your equipment. Keeping your cutters and grinders in top shape will maintain production speed and decrease errors and wasted materials.

At Tunco, we create tungsten carbide-coated abrasives to grind or cut insulation. Our coated blades maintain a sharp edge and accuracy longer for insulation cutting. We sell a number of pre-coated tools, including blades, and drum sleeves. We apply a tungsten carbide coating to your current tools or even manufacture grinding drums in-house to your specifications. 

Coating Applications

  • Planer drums for grinding sheets.
  • Saw blades for cutting sheets.
  • Grinding sleeves to mount on existing drums

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