Wood Cutting Tools

Precision is essential when you are cutting and sanding wood. When tools are sharp and accurate, glue will bond better with your wood and wood joints will fit flush. At Tunco Manufacturing, we apply custom Tungsten Carbide coatings to improve the long-term performance of your wood-working tools. 

Advantages of Abrasive Coatings

When your tools become dull, they can cause chipping or shattering and ruin the grain of your wood. In particular, wood composites can be particularly hard on tools - bonded with wood extractives, silica and other particles, wood composites dull your tools even more quickly.
Our abrasive coatings help maintain the sharpness of saws and drills, extending their life and use. Tungsten carbide coatings also help maintain the friction of sanding drum, discs or sheets. 

Coating Applications

Tunco sells a variety of pre-coated products, listed below, for many applications and industries. We can also add abrasive coatings to your existing tools and re-coat tools that have lost their edge or friction, saving you money in the long-run on new tools. 

Our Products

  • Circular saw blades
  • Mounted saws
  • Sander/saw blades
  • “Precision-Kut” hole saws
  • Two-Piece Hole Saws
  • Sanding discs and sheets

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