Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

Durable Hole Saws for All Types of Materials

Tunco Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business specializing in tungsten carbide coating technology at a fair price. Our uniquely designed hole saws are high-quality cutting tools designed for hard to cut materials.

"Precision-Kut" Hole Saws

This solid steel one-piece design removes the risks of cracks and breaks that can occur with weld seams. A heavy duty saw, our “Precision-Kut” hole saws provide superior cutting accuracy and stability while the back wall reinforces its structural integrity and durability. For longer tool life and smoother, cleaner holes, contact Tunco today about purchasing our hole saws.

Two-Piece Hole Saws

Uniquely designed for fast core removal, our two piece design can disengage with only a slight twist.Tungsten Carbide Grit Coating. Tunco can also apply tungsten carbide grit coating to conventional hole saws, as well as re-coat blades that may have lost grit over time. Contact us today for details and pricing.

Hole Size Hole Saw
Part No.
Part No.
Hole Size Hole Saw
Part Number
Part No.
1 " 18010-A 18009-A 2 1/4" 18010-F 18009-F
1 1/4" 18010-B 18009-B 2 1/2" 18010-G 18009-G
1 1/2" 18010-C 18009-C 2 3/4" 18010-H 18009-H
1 3/4" 18010-D 18009-D 3" 18010-I 18009-I
2" 18010-E 18009-E 3 1/4" 18010-J 18009-J

tungsten carbide hole saws

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At Tunco, our business is based on quality products, on-time delivery and customer service. If you have questions about the best sanding tool for your application or if you are ready to purchase a product, contact us today to get started.

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