Sanding Sheets

Quality Sanding Sheets for Discs & Hand Sanding Blocks

Our sanding sheets in 5 standard grit sizes and are made to suit any flat surface. All sheets have a universal star arbor hole to ensure secure mounting and easy removal. We make sure the entire disc area is supported with our rubber backing pads that are sold separately. Tunco’s sanding discs and sheets fit all major sander brands by making the disc and sheet center nut with a 5/8” – 11 thread.
We have orbital sheets designed to fit all 7” or 9” platen on an orbital or straight line sander, with widths of 3 5/8”  and 4 ½'’. Our hand sanding blocks are lightweight with an easy-grip design to minimize operator fatigue.

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Sheet Specifications

Orbital Sheets
Actual Length Grit Size Part Number
9” 24 12499 E
46 12499 A
60 12499 B
80 12499 C
150 12499 D
 11” 24 16137 E
46 16137 A
60 16137 B
80 16137 C
150 16137 D

Hand Sanding Block
Part No. 17113
(includes 10505C)
Replacement Sheets
(2 ¾” x 7”)
Grit Size Part Number
46 10505 A
60 10505 B
80 10505 C
150 10505 D