Carbide Grinding Tools & Wheels

High-Quality Shaping Tools for Materials of All Types

Tunco Manufacturing specializes in high-quality shaping tools designed to shape difficult materials, like fiberglass, rubber, plastic and more. Manufacturing with abrasive crushed Tungsten Carbide coatings or our patented Di-Carb coating, the lifetime of our tools will approach the life of diamond-coated shaping tools at a fraction of the cost. 

Our Products

Since each of our products are manufactured in-house, we can accommodate a number of custom requests based on your needs. From custom-designed wheels to custom burr and bit shapes, our customers rely on us to find solutions for many of their needs! Learn more about our products below: carbide grinding tools and wheels

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Unsurpassed quality, productivity and value is built into every Tunco product. To learn more or to purchase one of our shaping tools, contact us today!

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