Tungsten Carbide Shaping Discs

The Premier Shaping Disc with Universal Application

Tunco Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company specializing in Tungsten Carbide crushed coating. Our new tire shaping discs are the premier shaping disc on the market, designed with a universal star arbor hole and multi sanding surface. Like all of our shaping products, our discs are built to last and made with a universal purpose in mind.

Tungsten Carbide Discstungsten carbide shaping discs

  • Manufactured from a one piece CNC machined blank in 4 1/4 or 7 inch diameter
  • Customizable in sizes up to 7 inches in diameter
  • Supplied with a stock 5/8-11 tapped hole
  • Coated with superior grade crushed Tungsten Carbide and offer stock grit sizes of #24 grit (fine), #16 grit (medium), and #12 grit (coarse)

Multi Surface Grit

Tunco’s Shaping discs offer something that is completely unique. Our discs can cut with both the O.D. and the face of the discs so that your disc keeps its efficiency, giving you the most for your money. Discs can be customized with different size grit on the face and O.D. to your specifications. Tunco tire shaping discs are precisely balanced for maximum RPM use per diameter to ensure the highest quality grind for your shaping and sharpening needs.

Tire Shaping Discs

Many tractor, truck and auto racing enthusiasts hand cut and shape their tires to enhance performance. Tunco tire shaping discs are an excellent choice for this application. Various grinding tools can be used and depending on the grit level of the grinding tool they can cut a tire deeply or make very shallow cuts. Disc shaped grinders are usually used for the edges of the tire or other localized areas and they can be purchased in several different grit values. Watch a video of one our discs shaping rubber here.

Customized Shaping Discs

Looking for a customized shaping disc? We specialize in creating tools for various applications. With in-house engineering and computer-aided design services, we can develop the tool or part you need. From the concept and design to the testing and manufacturing, we've got you covered.

Get Started

At Tunco, our business is based on quality products, on-time delivery and customer service. If you have questions about our shaping tools or if you are ready to purchase a product, contact us today and get started.
Caution: Serious injury can result in the use of grinding discs. Tires must be mounted, inflated, and bolted to vehicle axle. Do not operate without eye protection and guards in place.

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