Custom Tools

Custom Tools ManufacturersAt Tunco Manufacturing we specialize in creating long-lasting, cutting tools by utilizing abrasive coatings for various applications.

Our in-house engineering and computer-aided design services are capable of developing a custom tool, part or coating solution for you through the following techniques:

Our team has years of experience in designing, engineering or re-engineering tools or machinery parts based on client specifications. This process begins with the development of the tool or part concept and design based on client request. Our team will develop a prototype for testing, and begin to manufacture once the prototype is proven successful.

Larger production runs are always less expensive than smaller production runs. If we are manufacturing a part you will re-order on a regular basis, we can manufacture a large production on your first order and store the remaining parts in our warehouse.


Our tool life and performance levels are comparable to diamond-only products. Learn more about the types of products we offer and customize below:

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Contact us for more information about our custom work, products or abrasive coatings. Our team is ready to speak with you about the specifications for your custom solution.