Rubber Grinding and Repair Tools

Tunco is a manufacturer of coated rubber grinding and repair tools. Our crushed tungsten carbide coating products can extend the life of your grinding tools and allow you to get the maximum quality from your tools.

We can also design custom tools or products in-house or we can add tungsten carbide coatings to the tools you already rely on for your business. We have the ability to recondition all products purchased from Tunco or our competitors. Request a quote today for custom applications.

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Industries Served

We serve a variety of industries, such as the tire and shoe industry.  Learn more below.

Tire Manufacturers

Tunco is the largest supplier of uniformity correction grinding wheels to OEM tire manufacturers.

When it comes to tires, maintaining an even tread across the whole tire is important, but rubber grinding tools can wear out easily. 

Our Products

  • In house production of all products supplied to the tire industry.
  • Both new and rebuilt uniformity correction grinding spindles.
  • Sidewall grinding wheels for both rib and raised white letter tires.
  • A complete line of tire repair tools for final finish repair.
  • Uniformity test load wheels.
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Our Customers

Across the tire manufacturing industry, we are a trusted provider of replacement uniformity correction wheels and spindles. Our customers include:
  • Akron Standard Machine
  • Akron Special Machinery
  • Micro Poise
  • Firwood
  • Spadone
  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone/Firestone
  • Collmann
  • Matteuzzi

Shoe Manufacturers 

We also manufacture and custom-design tools to trim and cut rubber and other man-made products used for boots and shoes. Shaping rubber soles for shoes can be a taxing process without sharp, precise tools. Tunco carries custom parts for these products as well as fast turnaround if you need a tool coated with one of our tungsten-carbide products. To learn more about our shoe manufacturing products or purchase a product, contact us today.